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Forum Watch #2
Written by Tratos   
Thursday, 08 June 2006

An update? Being beamed into your eyes by the magic of sight and the internet?!?

"EGADS!” You may say but seriously, it’s time for some news as we all like news, as it’s a bit good.

First off: Us lot, the THN Team.

Myself and Zoid are currently in our exam period and so are getting stuck into those and doing the work needed to get the grades we want additionally myself and Brammers have been indulging in a bit of EVE and so haven’t really been on the Neocron scene as much as usual but don’t be alarmed we still play and such but the games has become a little boring as the discussion phase of the balance project is underway.

Secondly: News.

Although the game itself hasn’t been updated in a while there is a fair amount of stuff going on surrounding Neocron and ReaKKtor so to please your mind and eyes please click on the following spangly bright orange “Read More” link – you know you want to!

The Balancing Project!

The current discussion is based around the weapons within the game and how we’d like them to work and how much damage we’d like them to dish out and such, you can find that here: General Weapons Discussion .

Last Friday SnowCrash posted some information based around past discussions in the balance forum entitled: 'Summary “Skill system & Class definitions"' go read it – it’s rather interesting.

Also last week we got some new information on the balance project on a whole, which can be found by clicking this bit of text – it covers a few things such as the progress of the project as a whole, the test server, retail patches, Monk-O-Cron and the departure of Dirus.

Dirus’ Departure:
Well he… left the KK team – not sure why but he has just in case you missed it on the forum here are his final words .

Patch 157 Content Spoiler #2
Came out a few weeks ago now, it’s the WoC tank PA which is errr….Bling? click here to check it out. 

Q&A Thread :
It’s been closed due to the backlog of questions – which are being answered and such for when the threads re-opens “Soon ™” and also a lot of the questions will be answered by the next retail patch. 

Patch #157:
Next week, i assume

KK & Communication:
Well after listening  to the forum community Nidhogg has restarted the KK Community Statements thread which can be found here and is very handy – so go see. 

The event team have got something called the "Masters of the Universe " started up which is one of the KK fun events which are held from time to time.

Storyline:The Spiders continue to invade the world of Neocron, to the point they are now moving around your local sewer. Just look near any entrance to a leveling area in the Dome Of York or Neocron and talk to a very terrified NPC.

The Neocronicle is running a several of articles on Diamond Real Estate buying CityMercs’ Premises, in a bit of a dodgy way. Where this story is going to lead next is anyone's guess.

The Voice of The Resistance has a nice friendly message from the leader of the Dome, Ronald Rodriguez, and it also has a very annoyed article from Xabi Owlson.

Myself and Brammers have sent a few articles in to the VoTR about the Skull Cult which has made a deadly return to the Terra server and is causing chaos in Fallen Angels as usual.

And of course, both the Neocronicle and the VoTR are running stories on the strange Sniper who has some strange power armour...

That’ll do for now – I think that’s pretty much it too!

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