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Forum Watch #1
Written by Tratos   
Friday, 07 April 2006
Balancing Initiative

Today we've been given a brief look around KK's plan of action so we know what will be coming and when.

Over the past few weeks we've seen discussion mainly based around the four main game classes, their proffession and some points about skill point layout in a series of initiatives since the main class discussions in the first week. These can be found in the main Balancing Forum.

This week there's a new scope to the discussions based around the field of resist types and their mechanisms, today Thanatos posted threads regarding Resist Pierce and Resist Psi the long forgottern and under used defence against the psi monks.

General Information, Q&A and Interviews!

Nidhogg and Chenoa, lead moderators in the English and German forums respectivly among other things have begun a new low key initiative to get little odds and ends of information from the developers over at KK HQ by getting questions from both communites, getting some answers and then posting the responses in both languages for all to read.

Check out the English News/Q&A thread by clicking here which will soon be followed by a translation of Chenoa's work as she's been pestering the Devs she could get ahold of for a few moments to get even more information for the community together. Make sure to keep a look out on the Annoucement Forum for that thread when it comes along.


In random posts around the forums we've got word of a new global event on all servers sweeping through the world of Neocron over the next six weeks, the first signs of this seem to be coming through as it's been noted by the community that alot of spider activity has hit the Wastelands with force - What could it all mean? i guess we'll have to wait and see! 
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