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A letter from Kirk Lenke
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Kirk Lenke, the current acting CEO of Reakktor has published a short little letter on the offical forums.

The Mercury situation
We are aware that the situation with the server “Mercury”, which is unavailable for several weeks now, is far from being satisfying. Due to operational circumstances we were not able to yet resolve the technical issues with that server being down. Even though Reakktor Media has been saved as a company, we are still within the insolvency procedure which makes things more complicated. I will look after this personally and strive to get the rectification of the technical issues under way as quick as possible.

Neocron and the state of play
I am not going to beat around the bush with regards to the general situation of Neocron. Because of the previous insolvency we were forced to freeze the development of Neocron and fully focus on the new project. This was inevitable in order to preserve the company and its 40 employees. That Neocron was neglected in the course of this bothers us in the same way as it does you. Neocron and everything connected to it is and always will be a part of us. After we succeeded in saving the company and putting it back on solid ground, I again have confidence in the future of Neocron. It will not be possible to make a complete overhaul, but we will take all action to keep Neocron alive as long as possible. I am not able to go into details at this time, but we will keep you posted on that matter.

Until then, we will support you and Neocron as effectively as possible, be it with the Gamemaster team or our e-mail support, and continue to provide it for the same low expense as before.

Thank you for your time and the confidence you place in us


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