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What is up now?
Written by CMaster   
Wednesday, 04 July 2007
HIOB gets into the magazines again, to say that he/she/it will be recovering the missing leaders of the two alliances.
What has happened now? Your great government are barely back and now they are gone again? Has aynone seen the lovely Jack and Ronald within the last few days? Me not. And that cannot be good, or do you think so? Well the fact is they are away again and if you search for them, you will not hear anything. We searched all over and did not find any hint of them. And 2 such big cities without a leading hand...Also most stuff was going on in the background, it was definitly too little. There should be more hard and clearly drawn lines. Like the last time, or it will end in choas again as we know. Because nobody among you is able to do so, i will step in with my helpers and we will have to support you again. Until the governments come out of hiding, the instructions will come by us! Get up! You will hear from us!
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