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Not this way!
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 19 July 2007

Another hack by HIOB (Click on Read More) has hit just the Voice of the Resistance, none long after news of a big accident in Tech Haven and an explosion in the subway.

Update: It's also been reported the Neocronicle has been hacked as well - thanks to Abeyance for the spot.

Not this way!

Meanwhile i think it does not make any sense with you. Peace everywhere...Do you know what this is at all? No, you are still fighting this futile war with each other, totally senseless again and again. We helped you again and put away your most difficult enemy, but no - you are doing this blind without end. Furthermore you are agitating each other to keep this war. Did you all buy your intelligence at YOs or what? This was the last try, you are beyond help. This world should live in peace, but this is not possible with you all. You yourselves are the evil that will not let this war come to an end. Because of this we will go other ways now. You do not want it really - so it won�t work . I will try and make sense of this all, to the end of the humanity to finally bring peace in this world.
wrn>system-p>systemcore> UNKNOWN COMMAND
ERROR 665: connection terminated by user

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