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If you dont take care of everything yourself...
Written by CMaster   
Sunday, 11 March 2007
11/03/2007 Identical on both VotR and Neocronicle. HIOB speaks out about the actions of "Reagant Himself" Thats typical of you: barely an amateur is mixing things up and there is chaos. Nothing comes to you as it should. Granted, the whole thing was not all thought out and Regant did have his own plans, but do you always need a helping hand? Dont you see where it will end? At least not in a better world thats for sure. You are wondering about the last events - first Regant sent out his children and now they vanished with a trace. Why? Definitely not due to your limited brainpower which shocks me again. You really dont have enough dead and are hunting each other even in your -oh so great- alliances. So my scrambler and I helped out a little, otherwise this will get you nowhere and this world will end in a mutant disaster. Continue as you are and you will see where this will end: not in a peaceful or friendly world. It is a fact that Regant must of course be stopped and I already know how ... it wasnt thought of as it is now!...
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