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Great Done!
Written by CMaster   
Wednesday, 15 August 2007
HIOB's been up to his hacking tricks again and we know now for sure that he is actually an AI. Exactly what it is on about in this message is not entirley clear - it resembles OOC shittalk about op fights that has been automatically translated from maltese to flemmish and finally english. It is really nice, how glad you are that you found the laboratory. And will it help you forwards? No! If you really think you could fool me, then you are bluffing yourselves. YOU are the ones, who are destroying each other, playing bad games and everyone intends that he would be King, the best. It is absurd how you are resenting yourselves but rambling about peace simultaneously. Nastily and sneakily you are going your way forwards steadfastly, instead of seeing what is really accurate and clear. Sometimes you have to admit mistakes and to take the consequences for this. However for this, you humans are not able to. The real peace is foreign to you, but you will soon notice what is coming to you because of your bullishness and blindness. - Hiron Obtra...
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