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Fairy-tales in Neocron.
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 18 September 2006
HIOB hacked the Neocronicle when Barry Pepper posted news that the Reza is dead article was a lie!

Fairy-tales in Neocron.

All polished and shiny in Neocron, huh? Well reality tells a different story - chaos all arround and the City Administration has run short of proper lies, excuse me - explanations I mean. Do you, citadmin, really believe a single citizen of Neocron will still put trust in you? You tell the public the corpse belongs to a double of Reza, everything is fine? Business as usual?

Yeah right - truth is: Reza is DEAD and your lies are not going to change it a bit. Still on the hunt for Rezas clerk too it seems. Well good luck, with the incompetence displayed so far you might have a few years fun searching while the clerk enjoys his life in the Dome... and what exactly is the story on that Reporter? Academy of Journalism? I doubt there's anything close to that in the Industrial-A districts. He seemed more focussed on getting away as well. When does the next act of your drama start, dear Cityadmin? Keep them lies coming!
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