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Lord of the Dome
Written by Brammers   
Saturday, 03 January 2009

Hot off the press, there is an PvP event organised by Garfield , called Lord of the Dome with the chance to win 10 million NC.

"This will be an 1vs1 pvp tournament with few groups of fighter. Best of each group comes in the next round. All classes are welcome, stealthing or ppu buffs are not allowed.

this is the chance for all the OOC bigmouths to prove how good you realy are, dont miss it.

It starts at 20:00GMT on Sunday 4th January on server Terra. The event will be held at BattleDome. If you want to enter, send an email ingame to tribeholz or garfield with your class ingame, by 19:00GMT

More information can be found in this thread

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