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The Pit - PvP event
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 03 April 2007

This easter weekend, there will be a PvP event on all servers, in the form of a Natural Selection last man standing style fight. Each round, 5 Runners will enter the Pit and only one will leave the pit alive to go into a final round to fight for the following prizes.

1. WoC 3 PA, golden Cup
2. Copbot Trophy, silver Cup
3. Master Hunter Trophy, bronze Cup

And the fights will be:-

Mars: Friday, 06 April 07 - 8pm CEST
Terra: Saturday, 07 April 07 - 10pm CEST (9pm BST)
Mercury: Sunday, 08 April 07 - 6pm CEST

Details on the rules and how to enter can be found in this thread. Remember you need to register for the contest to take part!

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