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New Storyline - The Chosen One
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 08 November 2007

"The last part of H.I.O.B's Network has been destroyed. (Voice of the Resistance and Neocronicle) The streets of the cities of Neocron and Dome of York are quiet, as the runners fill out the bars to sit back and relax after a long fight.

As they raise their glasses with a toast to victory against H.I.O.B, there are a few runners who are feeling a little uneasy. Some of them know too well that the next battle could be just around the corner...."

OOC: Well the Death Circuit storyline has come to a close, but the Ceres Team are starting a new Storyline, called "The Chosen One". Keep an eye on the ingame emails, lookout for new NPC's, and also check on the Voice of the Reistance and the Neocronicle.

Also check out the The Chosen One Roleplay thread for some in-character chat.

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