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Market Event Announced
Written by CMaster   
Thursday, 22 March 2007
Today Chenoa announced the construction and soon-opening of a "mall" underneath Tech Haven which shall host an event best considered akin to a market, with player-run stalls, auctions and entertainment.

Chenoa announced a market-like event to take place at a "mall" faciltiy soon to be opened underneath Tech Haven. The event will take place from Friday, 30/03/07 ~ 12:00 (CET) to Sunday, 01/04/07 ~22:00 (CET). Players and or clans or other groups will be allocated stalls which they can decorate and furnish, while an NPC will announce what is availble. Best stalls will recieve a copbot trophy. Auctions will also be taking place.

 For more details and discussion, join in the offical forum thread.

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