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Live Run - The Missing Dancer
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Fancy being a detective in Neocron? Well in the Pussy Club in Pepper Park, something is not quite right....

Snowcrash and the NC events team have put together a mystery for you to solve. So find you pipe, call Dr Watson, and get cracking...I'm sure it's all it's all Elementary!

Here is what Snowcrash posted on the forums.

"…the night was grey and dark as every other night in Neocron. Only the flickering glaring red neon signs of the Pepper Park district were breathing some life into the sadness of the city. Sexy women in kinky lingerie were offering their services on the streets of pure joy, run-down drug dealers sold their synthetic drugs in dark back alleys and I got this feeling again; the feeling of coming home.

I entered the Pussy Club and ran straight into this guy called Callahan. Before I could say a word he shoved his police badge into my face. He babbled something of a missing dancer and that the NCPD is depending on my assistance to find her. Callahan sounded like my ex-wife always telling me what to do but as Callahan mentioned the word “reward” I’ve caught myself falling back into old habits. Going on a dangerous run for money and glory, like I did it so many times before…"

The Neocron Police Department depends on your assistance to bring light into the mysterious disappearance of the Pussy Club dancer Michelle Williams. Collect traces, interrogate suspects and investigate what really happened.

Inspector Callahan is already waiting for you in the Pussy Club to give you further instructions!

Important notices:
Read all dialogues very carefully and have pen and paper handy to make notes.

To solve this case it is immensely important that you keep all items you receive during the investigation in your inventory or Quickbelt. If a single item is missing the case cannot be solved and you need to start over.

It is possible to cancel the investigation at any time and start over by simply removing all items you have received during the investigation from your inventory and/or Quickbelt. After removing all items simply speak to Inspector Callahan again.

After successfully finishing the investigation Inspector Callahan will ask you to submit your own investigation report by in-game e-mail (character name: Inspector Callahan). Callahan will reply to your e-mail as quick as possible to confirm the submission. If you are not receiving this reply you need to re-submit your investigation report. To make sure that your report has been taken into account you can also send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it including the character name and server you have submitted your report on. Please bear in mind that the in-game e-mail still has to be send. All investigation reports that are leading to the resolution of this case will take part at the final drawing and be rewarded as following:

1st Prize
One Speedlink Wireless Metal Flat Keyboard

2nd Prize
One Thrustmaster Wireless Dual Trigger 2in1 Gamepad

3rd Prize
One Speedlink Snappy² Optical Mouse

4th – 10th Prize
A master hunter trophy of choice

The deadline for the submission of the investigation report is on 31 October 2007. There is no right of appeal. Employees or voluntary helpers of Reakktor Media and 10Tacle Studios AG are excluded from the participation.

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