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Christmas Festivities!
Written by Tratos   
Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Once again KK and the Neocron 2 event team have jumped into action to provide some Christmas themed events and competitions for the festive season.

First up there's a Christmas party and to get everyone together to make it extra special it's only happening on one server - Mercury. The party will be held in TechHaven with special teleporters setup to get newbie chars from other servers in on the fun and will take place on December 23rd from 8pm the 'event' hasn't been given an ending time so it'll last as long as people wish to party!

There are two competitions this Christmas which will run in and around the Christmas Party on Mercury, first up is the Neocron 2 Christmas Song Contest which will run along side the Neocron 2 Christmas Wallpaper Competition click the Read More link for details of both contests which both have fun prizes to be won!

Neocron 2 Christmas Song Contest!

Start: NOW
Deadline : 22.12.06 - 00:00 GMT

The lyrics of your Christmas song should be about Neocron and the Neocron world including characters past present and fictional! The lyrics to your song should fit to a real Christmas song (The more well known the song, the more people will relate to it!).
Your alternative lyrics should be atleast 8 lines long and match up as well as possible to your chosen song to parody!

Please send in the lyrics (and Char/Account Names) of your Neocron2 Christmas Carol to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Chenoa will then post all the lyrics with character names on a special webpage (so you can print or switch to it) in the afternoon of 23.12.06.

Then you have to perform your song at the party (it´s not allowed to change the lyrics after you submit them).

The first 3 winners will get the following prizes:
1.) Copbot Trophy or golden cup
2.) Master Hunter Trophy of your choice or silver cup
3.) Normal Trophy of your choice (no Master/Copbot) or bronze cup

Check this thread for full details!

Neocron 2 Christmas Wallpaper Competition!

The requirements to take part are :
- 1024x768 max
- only .jpg format
- Entirely Neocron based, it should be 100% recognizable, that it is a Neocron themed Wallpaper
- Feel free to use graphics packages to create your wallpaper
- Your wallpaper should be as accurate as possible and not contain misleading information.

Deadline : 27.01.07
Send in your wallpaper to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with your character name, account name and server.

For full details please check this thread! 

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