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Navigation Guide

The Navigation System in Neocron can be found in the menu bar on the top. It is labeled "NavRay" (F9). It will help you to get to know your surroundings a little bit better. In this window you will also have the possibility to activate your local map and the world map. For new players, the navigation system itself is more important.

Nav Button



In the top-left area of the "NavRay" window, you can select a target that is located in your vicinity. This means that you can only find NC targets when you are in Neocron and DoY targets when you are located in Dome of York. When you have selected your target, you can activate the navigation system by pressing the "Start" Button. The system will now direct you to your target. The directions can come in two forms: The first is a dotted line and the second is a big arrow in the upper area of your screen. When you have reached your destination, the system will automatically deactivate.

The Maps

There are three maps available for every player:


Small Map: A little map showing you the direct vicinity in a small window (in the upper left corner). You can toggle this map on/off by using it's shortcut, ALT+M.


Sector Map: This map shows you the complete zone in it's own window.


World Map: This is a full screen map of the Wastelands.

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