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In-Game Commands


/set ctrl_hudallowmove 0|10=off 1=onTurning this option on allows for basic movement (forward, back, strafe) in R.P.O.S. move. Should be turned off if you use WASD or a similar config for movement.
Note: Can be turned on/off in the main menu options as well.
/set ctrl_mousefacvalue between 0.0 and 2.0Sets the mouse sensitivity. Ignored in R.P.O.S. mode. Note: Can be set in the main menu options as well.
/set ctrl_mouseinvert 0|10=default 1=invertedInverts the vertical mouse axis. Ignored in R.P.O.S. mode. Note: Can be set in the main menu options as well.
/set ctrl_mouselock 0|10=default 1=lockLocks the render buffer every frame, to fix the “mouse lag” issue with some gfx card/driver combinations. May cost some fps.
/set ctrl_bobvalue between 0.0 and 1.0 (default = 1.0)Controls the amount of “bobbing” (up and down movement) you experience while walking/running through Neocron.


/quitnoneExit game
/set kill_self 11Instant suicide.
/set reset_position 11After a delay of some seconds, the player's position is reset to a predefined position in the same zone.


/set gfx_hudcolor0=default >0=user definedSwitches between R.P.O.S. color schemes. Use a value of 0 to select the default scheme, and 1..x to select a user defined scheme. See [your Neocron directory]inirposcolor.ini for more informations.
/set ctrl_renderhud 0|10=off 1=default Supresses the rendering of the user interface (R.P.O.S.). Although not visible, the interface is still full functional.


/set ctrl_sfxvolumevalue between 0.0 and 1.0Sets the sound effects volume. 0=mute, 1=full volume.
/set ctrl_musicvolumevalue between 0.0 and 1.0 Sets the mp3 music volume. 0=mute, 1=full volume.
/set ctrl_musicdefaultsetx=[1..n], 0=off Sets or disables the music set (see [your Neocron directory]inibgmusic.ini) for zones w/o explicit music set. (e.g. apartments)
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